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onstantinos A. Zavos, has extensive knowledge and experience investing in growth, emerging growth and established operating companies. Moreover, he has invested in and developed real estate projects in Cyprus, Greece, Romania and the USA, focusing largely on projects involving raw land. Constantinos has also held directorship roles within various commercial entities including FF&Ecompanies supplying hotels and restaurants, commercial and residential real estate companies and home automation companies. He has also created a wholesale supply brokerage company in Cyprus, CAZ Estates Limited, which sells high-yielding tenanted property in the USA to investors around the world. The company has sold through its network over 450 properties in recent years. Additionally, he has created Optimus Alliance which markets its own projects globally.

Mr. Zavos is also the Chairman of DAZ Development LLC. The company currently owns and develops 126 town homes in the Disney area in Orlando Florida, USA. He is currently involved with other partners in various projects in Florida, USA, relating to the development and subsequent leasing of commercial land to quality tenants, among which Starbucks, and also a 77-acre commercial project close to Disneyworld which will include 400 residential units and multiple commercial units and hotels. Mr. Zavos holds an MBA degree from Webster University, a Master’s Degree in Management and Business Administration from Westminster University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Business Administration from the University of Reading, in England.

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