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uerto Del Rio is all about building the remaining 112 units of 3 bedrooms with all extras included. Our goal is to sell these units to home buyers or investors who like the area close the major business of Cape Canaveral and have Inside Passage views and access. Our major market is locals working or retirement as well as overseas buyers.



uerto Del Rio is located within the Economic Overlay District of Cape Canaveral. It has been approved for seven mid-rise multifamily pads by the city. Each pad is approved for 16 units with a building height to 45 feet. More specifically, it is located next to the only remaining undeveloped area of Cape Canaveral, and adjacent to the Banana River. The surrounding area is an older well-established community with condominium lots to the south, along with hotels and other commercial and multi-family developments.

Opportunity Zone


revard unemployment is 4.5%, Aerospace jobs continue to grow as NASA opened up to independent space corporations ex. SpaceX United Launch Alliance, and U.S. Space Force. Port Canaveral continues to grow bringing over $400 million in cruise industry capital improvements. Also Cargo Operations have increased to $100M in annual commerce. Hi-Tech jobs have also continue to move from the other states to Florida where there is no state income tax and a lower cost of living. Defense contractors also continue to grow with the space industry ex. Lockheed Martin, Boeing etc.


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